Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival

Where Fun Takes Flight

September 21 - 25, 2022

Countdown with us to the Festival Opening Ceremonies!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 PM @ 5:30pm

That's a wrap! We'll see you next year. Check out the flight schedule for information about launches and launch site map along with spectator information.

Reminder when following balloons in flight, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES enter a landowner's driveway or field. You must stay on public roads. Remain at a safe distance behind chase vehicles and give them the right-of-way. Crews need to get to their pilots and balloons as safely and swiftly as possible.



Festival Flights: Balloons will be launching according to the planned flight schedule

  • Participants are following all new REP guidelines
  • Spectators should observe the 2m distancing between households and masks are recommended

Balloon Glow: CANCELLED due to new 2m distancing requirements cannot be met.

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival has grown into a highly anticipated fall event for High River and communities extending between Calgary and Southern Alberta.

While every year holds quirks and challenges to be addressed, 2020 presented us with a new suite of circumstances to consider. As we continue to plan for the 2021 Balloon Festival, we do so knowing there may be uncertain times ahead on the road back to hosting our full Festival offerings.

Know that the safety of our pilots, vendors, volunteers, and visitors is a top priority. Throughout the year we continually monitor the ongoing developments of COVID-19 including the recommendations and health orders made by Alberta Health Services to use as our guidelines. This becomes increasingly relevant as the time draws nearer to launch.

Given the unprecedented times and how quickly events can change, we will continue to plan with cautious optimism and the five-day Festival of flights and competition will go ahead.

Continue supporting one another and look to the skies for balloons of inspiration. Be kind, be safe and stay healthy.



Photo by Shane Lockyer

Passenger Rides

>> SOLD OUT <<

Purchase rides on the Store page starting September 07, 2021 at 7pm. The flights will on scheduled flights Thursday - Sunday. (September 23-26, 2021).  Check out the passenger rides section on the Event page for more details as well as the Festival Flight Schedule for times.

Intro to Hot Air Ballooning

Who doesn’t like to see a hot air balloon in the sky? Have you ever wondered what happens to get them in air and back down again? Now is your chance to find out!

The Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival is right around the corner. Hot air balloons will be taking to the skies over High River, Alberta from September 22-26, 2021.

Register for an Intro to Hot Air Ballooning workshop on September 12, 2021 (COMPLETED) to get a behind-the-scenes look into what all is involved in safely launching and landing a hot air balloon.  ** This is the last intro workshop before the Festival **

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