Passenger Rides

Mark Your Calendars

Passenger rides will be available to purchase on our website starting September 05, 2023.

Please watch for more details starting late August 2023

An Experience to Remember

Rides will be available for purchase on the website prior to the Festival, starting September 05, 2022.

Dates: A limited number of passenger rides will be available to purchase for Thursday - Sunday flights (September 28 - October 01, 2023). They will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
Price: $300 per person
Times: Rides will be taken on scheduled flights. See the Festival Flight Schedule above for times.
Purchase: Rides for flights during the Festival can be purchased on the temporary Store page starting September 05, 2023.
Passenger details to note:

  • Tickets cannot be purchased for rides outside of the Festival dates and scheduled flights.
  • Due to basket size, rides typically will be a combination of one and two passengers. If you purchase multiple rides to be with family or friends, please anticipate you may be flying in different balloons. If you purchase a single ride, you may be flying with someone else. Children will be paired with a parent or guardian.
  • Children must be 12 years of age and accompanied by an adult.
  • Please block off up to 4 hours to experience the full pre-launch through post-landing experience. Time in the air flying varies as it depends on weather conditions at the time.
    • AM Flights: 6:30AM - 10:30AM
    • PM Flights: 4:00PM - 8:00PM
  • Passengers must be in good physical condition due to the possibility of a rough landing.
  • Passengers must be able to climb in and out of the basket, stand for the entire flight and walk out of a field if necessary.
  • Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot fly any passenger who has or recently had:
    • Surgery
    • Injuries
    • Hip, Back, or Knee Problems
    • Health Concerns
    • Physical Limitations
    • Severe Auditory Restrictions
    • Is/Or May be Pregnant

Your safety is our top priority. Any AHS health orders in place at the time of the Festival will be enforced.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Full refund back to your credit card:
    • Festival cancels a flight
  • Refund minus $25 handling fee back to your credit card:
    • Passenger cancels and notifies the Festival more than 48 hours ahead of flight*
  • No refund:
    • Passenger cancels less than 48 hours ahead of flight.* 
    • Passenger is no show
  • *Rides can be transferred to another person to avoid the handling fee or no refund if the following conditions are met:
    • The Festival is notified immediately
    • The new passenger completes and returns the necessary pre-flight information prior to the flight
    • An available balloon can accommodate the new passenger
    • The original purchaser is responsible for collecting the flight fee from the new passenger

Your safety is our top priority. Any AHS health orders in place at the time of the Festival will be enforced.

On flight day!

  • Arrive early to get checked in, find your pilot assignment, etc. There is a lot of activity happening prior to launches.
    • Morning launches: 6:30am
    • Evening launches: 4:00pm
  • Wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing and footwear. September mornings are generally chilly and you'll be launching and likely landing in a field. Avoid dresses, skirts, or items with strings or loose ends. 
  • Do not smoke around the balloons! Beside the obvious flammable properties of propane, cigarette cherries damage balloons. These factors not only create a real danger to the pilots once they are in the air, but it also endangers you and others who are nearby.
  • Please do not step on the balloon material.
  • Please follow the instructions of the pilot, crew member or launch director. Be aware of where you are standing so as not to interfere with crew duties.
  • Please do not step over the crown line, envelope or gore lines between the basket and envelope. Move about the perimeter of the balloon if asked to move to another spot.
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