First Flight Escape Hints

First Flight Escape • Hints and Answers


  • Find the hint section for the puzzle you are trying to solve.
  • Each puzzle has 3 levels of hints. Each level provides more specific details to help solve the puzzle. 
  • Answers for each puzzle will be available on September 20, 2021 by 6:00pm. 
Puzzle Hints
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    FFE #1 - Hotel Room Safe

    Did you read the Competition Factors over breakfast?

    Does anything stand out to you in the Competition Factors?

    Write dOwN all the bolded lettErs in order.


    FFE #2 - The Tablet

    Did you have fun finding fun facts?

    Pilots communicate things like call letters phonetically. Each phonetic begins with the letter it represents.


    If entering the passcode is giving you problems, the 3 word answer contains letters and one number. Enter the passcode using lowercase letters, a number is a number, and do not include spaces. No phonetics necessary.


    FFE #3 - The Balloon Trailer

    Did you press the green jigsaw puzzle piece on the tablet screen?

    Did you complete the jigsaw puzzle?

    Complete the jigsaw puzzle, then proceed to the bike lock code.


    FFE #4 - The Gear Locker

    The order of locations on the graph paper is important.

    Maybe a pilot's eye view of the locations you visited will help. 

    Think of the flight path you would have taken visiting all the locations on the list. Each leg of the trip matches a compass point.


    FFE #5 - The Storage Closet

    Did you check out all of the pilots?

    Play the matching game. Can you pair the pilots and balloons.

    Every aircraft, including hot air balloons, has a unique identifier called "call letters". After matching pilots with their balloons, you'll know which balloon picture goes in the last spot.


    FFE #6 - The Flight Bag

    Each image has the same value across all the equations.

    If the same image added to itself equals a number, that's the same as dividing the number by 2. 

    Find the value for the balloons, then use that value to solve the other equation with a balloon. That will give you the value for the basket. Next find the value for the trailer and that will help you solve the value for the burners.


    FFE #7 - The Laptop

    The password is a 6 letter word.

    There are 6 strange codes.

    The numbers on the strange the codes match the numbers under the lines.


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