First Flight Escape

First Flight Escape Online Experience

Head out on an adventure from the comfort of your own home. Solve a series of puzzles for a chance at winning a hot air balloon ride on the Wednesday, September 22, 2021 PM flight.

Before you head out

If you are new to online escape adventures, here are some suggestions that can help get you started. Read more details about the ride contest if you haven't already. 

A number of puzzles will be added to this page from September 17-20, 2021.

Complete all of the puzzles and submit your final answer in order to be entered in the random draw for the hot air balloon ride.

Stuck on a puzzle? Head over to the Hints page to get you moving forward again. There are 3 levels of hints for each puzzle.

  • We recommend starting with the Level 1 hint and trying the puzzle again.
  • If you're still stuck, then take a peek at Level 2.
  • A Level 3 hint will almost give you the answer.

Solutions for each puzzle will be available on the hints page by 6:00pm on Monday, September 20, 2021.  You will have the answers you need to submit an entry for a chance to win a hot air balloon ride on the Wednesday, September 22 PM flight.

Please email if you have questions.

Let's Begin!

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    FFE Intro

    Welcome to Your First Festival!

    You are so excited to finally be in High River. A dream come true. Who would have thought the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival would be your very first Festival to fly in. After all, this is the very same Festival where you fell in love with hot air ballooning!

    Even though you had a long day travelling to get here, and the bed at the Heritage Inn is oh so comfy, you can't fall asleep. Tomorrow is a big day. The first flight! Meeting the pilots. Figuring out where the launch site is. How to get around High River. 

    So many details. So little ....

    FFE #1

    The Hotel Safe

    NEE-eu! NEE-eu! NEE-ue!

    Oh, no! How long has the alarm been ringing?!  (Note to self - change that ringtone before tonight.)

    Thankful you fell asleep, a glance at your phone makes you bolt out of bed. You're late! Skip coffee in the the room and a quick shower, you might just have time for breakfast.

    Go, go, go, go. Rushing around the hotel room, you miss the stifled snickers in the hallway.

    Ready to head out the door, you almost trip on a slip of paper that wasn't there before.


    Great. Something else to add on your to-do list for today. At least you have some reading material to keep you busy while eating breakie. You'll deal with the safe after studying those Hot Air Balloon competition factors.

    Heading out the door you wonder where you might find the code for the safe.

    FFE #2

    The Tablet

    "Wait up! Wait up! I have something for you!"

    You turn around to find the front desk attendant rushing after you. Good thing opening the safe delayed you a few minutes or you would have left already. This must be important information about tonight's schedule.

    The attendant catches up handing you an envelope and tablet, "I was supposed to give this to you. They said you needed it right away."

    You look at the blank tablet and swipe. Great. You need a passcode and have no clue what it is. Ah-ha! Of course, it must be in the envelope.

    You wince a little bit pulling out the piece of paper.


    At least this looks familiar. 

    The front desk attendant turns to leave, then turns back and says, "I almost forgot. They mentioned something odd. Something about have fun finding fun facts?"

    Those prankster pilots. This could turn into a long Festival if this keeps up. At least you know how to find the tablet passcode now.

    FFE #3

    The Balloon Trailer

    You tuck the tablet into your flight bag and head out to the parking lot. You have to move now that the prankster pilots have taken up some of your exploration time. That's okay. There will be plenty of time to drive around later. 

    First you have to check on your trailer. Part of your pre-flight routine is to make sure everything is where it should be. As you round the end of the trailer you notice an extra lock on the doors. Ruh-roh. This doesn't look good. Cable cutters anyone?

    Tugging at the bike lock, you feel something underneath. What is that?

    Turning the lock over you see a green puzzle piece has been taped, out of sight, to the underside of the lock. Wait a minute. You've seen this before. Of course! The tablet!


    You pull the tablet out of your bag, type in the passcode, and press the green jigsaw puzzle on the tablet screen.

    Given what happened already today (and it's not even 10:30am yet!), you are positive solving the jigsaw will somehow lead to the bike lock code.

    FFE #4

    The Gear Locker

    With the balloon trailer squared away, you hop in the SUV eager to get going. Turning the key in the ignition, you notice a folded piece of graph paper tucked under your windshield wiper. What did you miss? Who is trying to get hold of you now?

    You hop out and grab the paper from under the wiper. Sigh. Looks like your plans for exploring town have changed again.


    Best get going. Nice to see the Hitchin Post on the list. You've heard raves about their milkshakes. Might as well grab one.


    View larger map.

    Pulling up to the launch site, you think that was quite the trip around town. Even better is seeing High River so gorgeous in the fall.

    Apparently the pilot pranksters are at it again. There's nobody at the field. But there is an old gear locker with a cat sitting on top. Walking up to the locker you see a lock you've not seen before. No numbers or letters to line up., only arrows pointing in all 8 directions, much like the points on a compass.

    Could it be that all this travelling around town in different directions was done on purpose? Maybe that is the key to opening this directional lock.

    FFE #5

    The Storage Closet

    Heading back to your room at the hotel, you notice the Briefing Room doors are open. Someone is looking at pilot and balloon pictures on the wall, but you decide to sneak a peak anyway. As luck would have it, the tables are already numbered and yours is close to the door!

    The person across the room heaves a heavy sigh and turns around looking puzzled and worried. You immediately recognize the front desk attendant. Knowing something is wrong, you leave your flight bag and coat at "your" table and go over to see if you can help.

    The attendant has been left with quite a predicament. They need to finish setting up the room, but the supplies are in the storage closet. The locked storage closet. The manager changed the password this morning. All they said was "the combo is the last balloon".

    Had the side door been kept closed, there wouldn't have been a problem. Instead, when someone opened the door to leave a big gust blew in. How could the last 5 pilot pictures and only the last balloon picture get blown off the wall. Worse yet, the last balloon picture - with the password - is nowhere to be found.

    This is a serious problem. You look at the wall for a few minutes before a lightbulb goes off. You know how to solve this problem!

    FFE 2021 Storage Closet

    Once you know the password, you head over to the storage closet with the front desk attendant close behind. You smile seeing the 5 letter lock on the door.

    FFE #6

    The Flight Bag

    You head back to "your" table with the new found code in hand. You start wondering if you will find strange codes all week. Or having nightmares about them! You reach down to grab your logbook only to find your hand hitting something cold like metal. What's this?! You look down to find your flight bag zipped closed and locked with another padlock. This time it needs a 4 digit code. Where are you going to find that?

    You look around for clues, but there's nothing to be found. Might as well head back to your room. You grab the flight bag and notice a piece of paper with some funny math on it. The prankster pilots are oh, so sneaky. They must have done this while you were helping out with the lock on the storage closet. 

    You look over the sheet and decide you might have a chance after all. There is one equation that makes the rest easier to figure out. You grab a pencil off the table and get to work.


    That wasn't as bad as you first thought. Solving a few simple math equations in the right order gave you the code for the 4 number lock.

    FFE #7

    The Laptop

    You look at your watch and see there isn't a lot of time before the Opening Ceremonies begin. Might as well wait here in the briefing room. Now that your flight bag is open again, you decide to look at all those strange codes you've picked up all day. 

    You arrange and rearrange the codes, but nothing comes to mind. Wonder when the next code will appear.


    No sooner than that thought is finished, you hear heavy footsteps and familiar laughter in the hallway. Those are the same voices you heard this morning in the hallway outside your hotel room door.

    A group of pilots stream into the room, smiling as they pass "your" table and set off in search of "their" tables. One of the pilots, spotting your logbook, stops just past "your" table and comes back.

    "See you have some strange codes there in your logbook. Think you might need these."

    They reach into their flight bag, pulls out a piece of paper and a laptop, and places them on "your" table. They wink and walk away smiling. 

    Guess it didn't take too long for your next puzzle to appear. 

    You look over the paper and open the laptop. You think for a minute and realize how you are going to get the password.


    You rearrange your secret codes and enter the password to the laptop.

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