As the Title Sponsor , The Heritage Inn Hotels  are  providing 25 pilot rooms, the briefing room, meeting room and scoring room. They will also be providing the Officials rooms at  a reduced cost.With the Heritage Inn Hotel acting as Balloon Central for pilots, crews, and officials as well as visitors to the event it will provide the perfect space for socializing between flights and learning more about the experiences of pilots from all over the world who are attending the event!

Heritage Inn

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Town of High River

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“A huge shout out of thanks to Community Vitality Fund for your financial support of the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival!  Our many thanks to the Town of High River Council members who voted in favour of the recommendations by CVAC to continue supporting this Community event again this year!   With this financial support we are able to continue hosting the 8th Annual Balloon Festival.”

If you would like to be part of the Heritage Inn International Balloon Festival, please complete this form and our committee will contact you shortly.









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